Hunting Prices

2018-2019 Buck Harvesting Price Schedule by Gross Score

               Up to 139 7/8"-  $3,500
               140"-149 7/8"  -  $4,500
               150"-159 7/8"  -  $5,500
               160"-169 7/8"  -  $6,500
               170"-179 7/8"  -  $7,950
               180"-189 7/8"  -  $8,950
               190"-199 7/8"  -  $9,950
               Over 200"       -  Call for Pricing

A nonrefundable deposit of $750 is due to book a hunt and reserve hunt dates. The balance including kill fees (if applicable) is due upon hunt completion. Hunts are fully guided for 3 days and 2 nights (4 hunts total). Non-hunting guest/lodging fee (per person, any package) $250/day.

Standard method of hunting will be from blinds overlooking feeders and fields or safari style. Lodging (private lodge), meals, and guide are included. Hunters are responsible for their hunting license, gun (25 caliber or larger please), personal gear, gratuities, as well as transportation to and from ranch. There will be one guide per hunter. The guide will accompany the hunter in field at all times and ok any animal harvested. Guides will give estimates on gross scores, however it will remain the hunters responsibility to pay for what they shoot. Skinning, caping, and quartering of game will be provided. Tipping of guides is appreciated and encouraged.

If a deer is shot and determined to be wounded (blood, hair, or bone found), a gross score will be estimated and it will be the hunter’s responsibility to pay the appropriate kill fees. If the wounded animal is later recovered, antlers will be shipped to the hunter. We will make every effort to ensure that you have the highest quality hunt possible, however hunter success cannot be guaranteed. In the event that the hunt is unsuccessful a $250/day guiding/lodging fee will be due upon completion of the hunt.

Interested in Booking a Hunt?

Contact Our Certified Wildlife Biologist Jason Shipman