About Us

The Flores Ranch spans 1,000 acres in Frio County

... just northwest of Pearsall, Texas. Our family purchased the ranch in 2007. A low-fence ranch at the time, we were excited to see what was here. However, over the years, we knew that the quality was not up to our liking. In order to enhance the quality of the deer on our ranch, we high fenced the property in 2009. 

We are a small family business and our love for our deer far outweighs our love of a quick buck. You won't find any bucks on our property that have tags or unique numbers in their ears. We have five irrigated tanks for our deer, along with pivots of Lab-Lab, Bundleflower, Leucaena, and coming in the winter of 2017, Alfalfa to ensure that our deer spread out throughout the ranch.

We are passionate about our deer and we would love to share our passion with you. When you book a hunt with us, we will make sure that you feel right at home. All meals are home cooked and hunters can bring fishing equipment to fish our ponds during the day. In addition, we'll drive you around the ranch or take you into town (Pearsall) to the local deer contest, Los Cazadores. All in all, we want to make sure that your hunting experience is one that you will never forget. 

Interested in Booking a Hunt?

Contact Our Certified Wildlife Biologist Jason Shipman